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Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity

Campus Employee Survey

May 20, 2021


Dear Employee: 


Please complete the following survey no later than 5:00 on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.  Your answers will remain anonymous unless you wish to identify yourself; however, you must identify your campus:

Please Fill Out The non_teachers_staff_survey Below


We understand the challenges this year that all employees have endured and we appreciate whatever efforts you initiated to make sure your job functions were carried out. We know that our students have suffered setbacks in learning and so therefore, we are planning for an accelerated year of learning next year. We have asked teachers for input regarding how to improve instruction; we need your input as well on all things that would make the school a better place to work, more desirable for student learning, and better parental involvement. We appreciate your input!

1. If we have greatly increased resources next year, what priorities should we undertake? Please rank all 11 action-items below by putting a 1 by the highest priority, and 11 by the lowest priority


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