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ESL Department

The Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity strives to meet the needs of our Emergent Bilingual population on several levels.

Our Emergent Bilingual students benefit from small group instruction in the classroom as well as individual content based instruction by a qualified ESL teacher and/or teacher assistant in collaboration with the regular classroom teacher in order to achieve weekly growth goals for the EB student. Emergent Bilingual students practice English in the four domains tested on the TELPAS: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This year our students will be utilizing a typing program in order to prepare for the new TELPAS writing portion online this year for the first time.

We utilize both in-class and on-line instructional materials specifically designed for the EB student.

Our ESL teachers and teacher assistants are trained on a regular basis in teaching strategies and use of materials.

Language Proficiency Acquisition Committees, LPAC, strive to design instruction that utilizes these best strategies to meet the individual needs of each student, and the LPAC committee determines what language supports/accommodations are needed on a daily basis by each Emergent Bilingual student.

We seek to have parents as partners in our planning and delivery of instruction for the ESL student and strive to have parental involvement in many ways. An ESL parent is part of our Language Proficiency Acquisition Committee along with an administrator, general education teacher, and an ESL teacher. This LPAC committee meets to discuss ESL student progress three times a year and more if needed.

BSIC continues to foster a sense of belonging and family as it has done since we opened our doors in the fall of 1999.

Questions or additional information should be directed to:

Laura Bolton, Director of ESL, or 979-775-2152

ESL Policies 22-23.pdf

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