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Special Populations

Mission Statement

At BSIC, our stated mission “Brazos School for Inquiry & Creativity will collaborate with families and the community to provide a nurturing environment that will empower ALL students to be successful learners within a competitive, global society” is central to all educational endeavors, including addressing the needs of special populations. 

This mission means that BSIC is committed to working with families to make sure all students get the support they need to be successful.  If any student is having difficulty in the regular classroom, we will consider tutorial, acceleration, or small group instruction.  Parents may also refer students for evaluation in any of the programs under the umbrella of Special Populations:  Response to Intervention (RTI), Special Education (SPED), Section 504, Dyslexia Services, or English as a Second Language (ESL).  Please see link to each of these services below

Ms. Laura Bolton is the District Contact for SPED, Dyslexia, or ESL Services, 979-775-2152.

Campus Principals should be contacted with questions about the RTI process, Section 504 Services, or campus services for any of the programs for Special Populations.

Tidwell SpED: Denise Hatter, (713) 681-1960

District Office: Laura Bolton, (979) 775-2152