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Information Technology

Jesus Lujan-Ramirez                    Director of Technology and Assistant Superintendent of Facilities, Safety & Security.


Mitch McKinley                             Systems and Software Specialist      


Rodolfo Salazar                            Technology and Instructional Support


Kathleen Fahlgren                       Safety & Technology Specialist


Student / Parent Equipment Use Agreement

Every student who takes a device home must have this form signed by a parent or gaurdian prior to release Click Here Download

Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity


Equipment Release Form 2023-2024

All technology owned and maintained by the Brazos School of Inquiry and Creativity is purchased with the primary purpose of improving instruction.  The Technology Department at the District level is responsible for inventory and replacement of equipment.  Technology placed in classrooms and offices will be signed out to the Principal of the Building. Technology & devices assigned to students are the responsibility of the student & parent for safekeeping.

Campus:   Bryan










Ipad/laptop, Power Supply, & ipad/laptop Case




By Signing below, I agree to:

  • Return all borrowed equipment by the agreed return date and time listed.Return Date: 5-22-2023
  • Contact your IT department for further information.


Student / Parent Equipment Use Agreement


Brazos School for inquiry and Creativity (BSIC) is excited to provide the opportunity for our students to take home a digital device for learning. Please understand that prior to taking the learning device home, students will be instructed and evaluated on proper use and care. Students must follow the BSIC Responsible Use Guidelines. These guidelines can be found on

 Student Code of Conduct


1. Electronic files sent, received, viewed or stored anywhere in the digital device are available for review by any authorized BSIC staff for any purpose.

2. Modifying or changing device settings and /or internal or external configurations without appropriate permission is prohibited.

3. Login info will be provided by the school, no other external logins will be permissible.

4. Using obscene, threatening or disrespectful language in any electronic communication tool is prohibited.


5. Disclaimer. While BSIC uses technology protection measures to limit access to material considered harmful or inappropriate to students, it may not be possible for the District to absolutely prevent such access. Despite our best efforts and beyond the limits of filtering technology, a student may run across some material that is objectionable. BSIC has a 3-layer approach when students are using the Internet. The device is automatically routed through BSIC’s filter for appropriate content which provides the first layer. The second layer is the monitoring of an adult, and the third layer is where the student should use their digital responsibility skills when using a device.

The District makes no warranties or representations regarding the device provided and is not responsible for any damages arising from or related to use of the device, including loss of data.



 Responsible Use and Care

1. The school is providing a protective case for transporting device from school to home and vise versa, case must be used at all times while transporting.

2. The device is to be treated as a valuable object. It should not be thrown, purposely dropped, or abused. It will never be placed on the roof or hood of a car, on the sidewalk or street, or imperiled in any way that may cause it to be crushed or thrown to the ground.

3. The device will never be left unattended, in the cafeteria, in the gym or any other public place.

4. The device will not be used in or near proximity of water, household chemicals, or other liquids that could damage its electronic components.

5. The device will be protected from the environment to prevent rain, snow, ice, excessive heat, and/or cold.


6. Pencils, pen tips, and other pointed objects will never be used on the screen.


7. The device will be kept away from siblings and pets at all times.


8. Parents and students agree to return the device and all components to the school in the same condition the device was issued to the student.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities and Permission


I am authorizing the assignment of a mobile device to my child. I understand that the device is to be used as a tool for learning and that my child will comply with the BSIC Responsible Use Guidelines.

 I understand the three-layer approach when my child is using the device. I will help ensure the safe and timely return of the device within the loan period.


Parent/Guardian             Date:__________