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Special Education Department

In adherence to Child Find, BSIC is responsible for identifying, locating and evaluating all students who are potentially eligible for Special Education and related services. We will seek the parent’s permission to evaluate if and when we suspect that the child has a disability or needs special education services. In addition, a parent, may any time, request in writing that his or her child be given an initial evaluation if the parent suspects learning issues. This request must be in writing and be directed to either the Campus Principal or the Director of Special Education at the District Level.

Once the evaluation process is triggered and the evaluation completed, the Admission Review Dismissal (ARD) committee is comprised of the parent, the general education teacher, special education teacher, the campus principal, language translator if necessary, and representative who will interpret the findings of the evaluation. If the findings merit an Individual Education Plan (IEP), the ARD committee will outline the plan requirements and accommodations, will meet to monitor progress and to make modifications if necessary. This committee will also meet to review State assessments, such as STAAR.

At Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity, all special education students attend a general education classroom and receive push in help from special education personnel. The student’s instruction is customized to meet his or her needs and to level the academic challenges across the student population providing FAPE for all students.

Our district is a firm believer in professional development and fostering life-long learning for all of our employees, and this belief is emphasized for special education personnel. We train our teachers in teams so that they can support each other through collaboration and planning. During 2022-2023, our priority is to train our entire team in writing standard based Individual Education Plan goals for students, ARD and Language Proficiency Acquisition Committee (LPAC) collaboration training, and Dyslexia screening.

Please contact Laura Bolton for specific questions or for more information about Special Education. 979-775-2152

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